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Jose Antonio Murillo Garza

Deputy Managing Director

We work hard to analyze vast amounts of information in order to provide our clients with the best services and offerings of products through all the different channels we offer.

Jose Antonio Murillo Garza

Deputy Managing Director

(SRS 102-43)

At Grupo Financiero Banorte we understand that our business strategy must be seriously linked to social commitment. We want to support the development of communities because that strengthens our country and us as an institution.

At Banorte our business model is focused on serving our customers always seeking to promote the development of our country. In this manner, for a few years now, we have been working on the implementation of our multichannel platform, through which we seek to offer better service and attention to our clients. Today, this platform is a reality and a vital component in making it work properly are the analytics that we perform every day.


In Banorte we constantly listen to our customers, to detect what their major needs in financial services are, measure their expectations and seek to improve our processes to transform their experience in each of our service channels.

Using the Net Promoter Score methodology we can assess customer satisfaction for each channel (branch offices, ATMs, telephone banking and digital channels).

In 2016 we achieved a general Net Promoter Score of 61.4%. With this information, we could identify for each channel, the services and processes that our clients valued most and work on eliminating points of dissatisfaction to transform their experience.

One of the great advances in service in 2016 was in the branch network. In January 2016, 56% of branches attained the service goals established by the institution; while in December 2016, 70% of branches reached this goal. This result represents an advance of 25%, a reduction in complaints and improvement in operational efficiency for loans placed in branch offices.

We achieved a Net Promoter Score of 61.4%



This graph places each branch according to its performance in terms of quality and profitability, in four quadrants. GO quadrant, located in the upper right shows those branches that meet the goal of service established in the institution, i.e., with a level of superior quality at 65% and a ROE above 15%.


Banorte contributes to improving financial inclusion in Mexico, thanks to its growing network of correspondents, which allows us to serve the population with limited banking penetration.

Through our correspondents model, we offer various services to customers and users through the support of third parties. Retail chains, mainly, put their personnel and technical equipment at the disposal of our customers so they can conduct online and real time payment, deposit, withdrawal or consultation transactions.

The services we offer to customers using this model are: deposits, credit card payments and other services. These operations are reflected in customer’s account statements immediately, as if they had performed the operations directly in the branch.

The correspondents are a huge boost to financial inclusion for the development of Mexico, since it has several dimensions: products, transparency and, most importantly, location. Many of our correspondents are located where we don’t yet have branches including no other competitor. This allows us to approach customers without making large investments in infrastructure. On the other hand, correspondents make our services available to clients with no banking services available to them.

Learn more about the growth of our Correspondents’ infrastructure in the section: Our Coverage.


It is very important to Banorte to support small and medium-sized companies in the country, because we understand that entrepreneurship is key to economic development.

For this reason, the relationship with our customers is the reason that motivates us to focus on their needs, as well as those special circumstances that might be manifesting the market, both nationally and locally.

We continue to provide funding with special conditions for small and medium businesses in those sectors or regions of the country that could require some special support, thus promoting local development.

This year, to cite some examples, we implemented the following support programs to small and medium-sized businesses.

SUPPLIERS (SRS 102-9, 308-1)

We are interested in promoting, to the extent possible, that suppliers are of national origin, thereby favoring communities, a goal that we have achieved as can be seen in the following chart.


Banorte Foundation

Frine Salguero Torres

Banorte Foundation

To the Financial Group, their social commitment a very important in order to strengthen Mexico, because it’s a way to contribute to the communities in which our customers, employees and investors live in.

Frine Salguero Torres

Banorte Foundation

The Group’s philanthropic work through Banorte Fundación ABP, has two main areas: the promotion of education, since this is one of the most efficient tools for social transformation and that of humanitarian aid. The bank’s solidarity with its country, has the goal of providing support to populations affected by natural phenomena, as well as promoting a culture of organizational philanthropy.

(SRS 203-1, 417-1, FS-11, FS-13, FS-16)

The guiding principles of our work are integrality, perseverance, commitment, leadership and equity.

The Banorte Foundation is a nonprofit that operates with a percentage of the bank’s earnings and carries out economic contributions, actions and partnerships with non-governmental organizations, academic institutions and Government agencies that contribute to improve the quality of education and the development of disadvantaged populations.

In 2016 we channeled Ps 28,207,344.00 through 22 projects operated by 20 non-governmental organizations, in 30 states of Mexico, which directly supported 334,530 people, of which 52% were women and 48% men; and indirectly supported 652,886 people.

Resources were channeled, mainly to Working for My Community and Working for Families, as well as other philanthropic support. Here are details of the results.



Banorte Actions integrates all of the Financial Group’s social initiatives aimed at supporting employees, their families, communities and environment protection, with the ultimate goal of supporting Mexico’s development.

AyuDamos is a trust funded by voluntary biweekly contributions from our employees. This initiative is coordinated and operated by the area of Social Value and the Banorte Foundation, since every peso that employees contribute is matched by the Banorte Foundation (1 x 1).

Thanks to these donations, help provides in-kind support to Civil Society organizations (CSOs) serving vulnerable populations such as: children, the elderly, people with disabilities and women. These organizations are chosen by a Selection Committee, composed of employees of the financial group, who visit and evaluate projects proposed by the employees themselves and decide on who to grant resources.

This year 29 institutions were supported by a total donation of Ps 6,943,121.67. Of this total, the Banorte Foundation donated Ps 4 million and our employees contributed Ps 2,943,121.



hrough this initiative toys are collected and delivered to underprivileged children who are hospitalized in public children’s hospitals, orphanages, and Civil Society Organizations and also to the children of our employees who work in security and cleaning. Thanks to the volunteers’ interactions with the children we are able to witness and share moments of joy, strengthen our philanthropic culture and maintain our commitment with disadvantaged communities.

Jugando Jugando

Jugando Jugando


On July 28 and 29 in Mexico City and on August 11, 12 and 13 in Monterrey, Banorte Children held activities for employees’ children between the ages of 6 and 12 who visited the corporation and got to know their mom or dad’s workplace.

A tour of the corporate office facilities of Santa Fe in Mexico City and South Tower in Monterrey was given. A storyteller shared in the children’s activities and gave each child a welcome kit. The activity lasted for 5 hours each day.


On December 9th, the children of information technology employees visited I.T. headquarters in the Tlalpan area, participating in a rally to get to know the different areas that make up the IT area and ending with decorating a Christmas tree.

Employees participating in Working For My Community proposed volunteer projects that benefited the community. In 2016 we supported 4 projects by mobilizing a total of Ps 199,571.70, it is important to mention that this amount was awarded through the AyuDamos trust which donated close to Ps 50,000 to each of the 4 selected projects.

The 4 projects were:

  • Fundación Monstritos AC. Ubuntu Camp: The donation was used to cover the expenses for the event held October 29th, 2016, which included rental of a farmhouse, breakfast and lunch for the guests, as well as transportation and didactic materials. Experiential activities were held with the children to reinforce family values. Bank volunteers were directing and supporting the activities.
  • Alianza Anti Cancer ABP. Multi-purpose Hall 2nd floor: Installation of drainage system and painting: the donation was used for the 2nd stage of the multipurpose hall used specifically for the purchase of plumbing material to install a hydro sanitary system for the room that holds workshops in nutrition and psychology for families of the cancer patients.

Bank volunteers supported the maintenance of the institutions by cleaning and painting one wall.

  • The donation was used to purchase food for cats and dogs in the shelter. Volunteers from the Bank helped by walking and feeding the animals in the shelter.
  • The donation was invested in gardening tools in order to restore the green area and recycled material to build benches and tables. Bank volunteers participated by cleaning and painting a fence in the green area.


Grupo Financiero Banorte participates annually in the national financial education week in which various public and private sector institutions join forces to reinforce the financial culture of Mexicans.

The 2016 National Financial Education Week was held on November 7th to13th in Mexico City. Grupo Financiero Banorte participated with a stand representing a bank branch in which attendees could learn in a playful way, the best ways to manage their money and make decisions on how to either save, invest or spend. Volunteers gave three conferences with an emphasis on the topics of saving for retirement, exchange rate and financial education for children.


The fourth Children’s Savings Day was held on November 23rd, in the cities of Campeche, city Guadalajara, Hermosillo, La Paz, Leon, Mérida, Mexicali, Queretaro Monterrey, Saltillo, San Luis Potosi, Tepic, Toluca, Villahermosa and Mexico City. Bank employees provided savings workshops for 5th Grade school children.


At Grupo Financiero Banorte, we are convinced that good health for all employees is extremely important, so we decided to support one of the most important stages of women, and of Mexican families, motherhood.

During 2016, we started with an internal communication campaign publicizing the benefits that breastfeeding provides not only to newborns, but also mothers and the healthy development of families.

Banorte is concerned about the issue and as part of our health and wellness programs, prompted the pilot of “breastfeeding rooms”, which initially will be available in:

  • Banorte Santa Fe Tower
  • Koi Monterrey Tower
  • Palo Alto Building
  • South Monterrey Tower

This will enable mothers who need to, to store their milk properly and thus healthily feed their children.


In 2016 we began the Diversity and Inclusion program, that aims to include the needs of vulnerable groups by developing actions for the benefit of employees, creating a better workplace.

Among the objectives for 2017 is to work with the COLABORE consultant to obtain assessment on the area of accessibility in corporate buildings, raising awareness on the issue of persons with disabilities (PWD) and procedure manuals to assist this vulnerable group.

In the Working For My Planet program we promote good practices on environmental matters to make efficient use of resources and generate awareness among employees, their families, customers, suppliers and the community through various actions such as Paperless campaigns, recycling,

video conferencing and reducing water consumption, among others. For more details on this topic, refer to Natural Capital.

This program promotes the personal and professional growth of our employees. For more details on this topic see Human Capital.

(SRS 102-16)

To promote best practices with clients, employees and suppliers, we promote our mission, vision and principles as well as adherence to the Financial Group’s standards, codes and procedures.

Our Mission
To generate trust and financial strength for our customers.

Our Vision
To be a great ally to grow strong with Mexico.

We are a large family with principles and values, which inspire our actions in relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers.

These are our five principles:

  • We work to strengthen our clients: solidarity
  • We innovate to generate value: innovation
  • We develop committed teams: Loyalty
  • We are inclusive: Respect
  • We contribute to the well-being of Mexico: Responsibility



For the sixth consecutive year, Banorte has earned the Socially Responsible Company Award. In addition, Insurance and Annuities have also earned it for a second time. This award, bestowed by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, CEMEFI, recognizes our performance in socially responsible management, quality of life, business ethics, links with the community and care and preservation of the environment.


Since in 2011 we have voluntarily adhered to the United Nations Global Compact, fulfilling its 10 Principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and the fight against corruption. Every year we present our Communication on Progress (CoP) on an advanced level.


Banorte is committed implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives, which strengthen the fight to eradicate poverty, inequality, injustice and at the same time, we address climate change.


We seek to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women working in the financial group, ensuring equal opportunities to promote their development. We have voluntarily adhered to the principles for the empowerment of women since 2014 and we will continue to promote them within the institution.