Marcos Mancini

Executive Director
Sustainability and Responsible Investment

GFNorte is governed by a principle of sustainability, which is to maximize the institution’s growth and profitability always in equilibrium with the inherent economic, social and environmental aspects of our operation.

Marcos Mancini

Executive Director
Sustainability and Responsible Investment

(SRS 102-14, 102-15, 102-19, 102-20)


We strive to ensure that every operation, product and service generates value for all stakeholders. We know that it is the task of all of us who are part of Grupo Financiero Banorte and this year we have taken important steps to achieve this.

Our previous area of Social Responsibility has evolved to the new Executive Management of Sustainability and Responsible Investment, reporting to the Financial Group’s General Management. Now, the management of environmental initiatives and social value is carried out by the areas of Material Resources and Human Resources respectively with the aim of achieving a solid integration of sustainability aspects from the very start.

The Executive Management of Sustainability and Responsible Investment aims to identify and promote the best environmental, social and corporate governance practices within the group, as well as to establish the sustainability strategy is in alignment with that of the business.

Our efforts have borne fruit and are being recognized. Today we are part of the most important sustainability indexes such as: the Sustainable CPI of the Mexican Stock Exchange, for the sixth consecutive year; the Dow Jones Sustainability Index of Emerging Markets for a third year; and our recent entry into the STOXX Index of Global Climate Change Leaders and the Euronext-Vigeo EM 70 Index.

At GFNorte, operating in a sustainable manner has long been part of our essence, the concept of sustainability is becoming more relevant, as can be seen in the commitments we have established with various initiatives and principles of an economic, social and environmental nature.

MATERIALITY (SRS 102-46, 102-47)

For Banorte, it is very important to know the concerns of our stakeholders in terms of sustainability, in order to respond appropriately, through actions and services. To this end, this year we updated the materiality study that we had prepared three years ago to maintain its validity and make necessary adjustments. From the diagnosis of the economic, social and environmental aspects, we can identify the state of the organization in terms of policies and procedures, specific business risks and the perception of stakeholders.

Thanks to our analyses we have been able to develop our sustainability model.


  • Significance for Grupo Financiero Banorte, that is, the level of attention and management, that is, the prioritization of such aspects relevant to the Institution. This is represented on the vertical axis.
  • Significance for stakeholders, from the level of attention given to the relevant aspects, based on the data we analyzed and obtained from approaches and interviews, or from public information, as the case may be. This is shown on the horizontal axis.

Based on the topics in the upper right quadrant, we can report each of the dimensions in relation to the economic, social or environmental value they have for our stakeholders and we will follow up on the aspects that they determined as material.

GFNorte pays particular attention to the concerns of our stakeholders in order to give them an adequate response.