Presidential Advisora
Regional Boards

“The 2017 strategy contemplates the implementation of a new project, the installation of 33 Local Boards throughout the country.”


Presidential Advisor
Regional Boards

As part of the dynamics of the Regional Councils, and in accordance with the general operating guidelines, at the beginning of 2016 a nation-wide update of the Regional Boards was carried out, in order to give members of the business community an opportunity to participate in them and to strengthen its presence in the different regions of the country.

This update included the retirement of 54 Board members and the integration of 75 new ones, for a total base of 252 Regional Board members, all of them leading Mexican entrepreneurs, of recognized moral character and highly influential in their communities, who give opinions, advise and dialogue directly with the Financial Group’s Managers on relevant aspects of each region.

In its fifth year of operation, Regional Boards met on 12 occasions in which, in addition to reporting on the group’s results, showing the economic outlook and presenting the follow-up to recommendations resulting from the feedback from the directors, enjoyed the participation of prominent speakers such as Dr. Carlos Elizondo Mayer-Serra, Dr. Leo Zuckermann Behar, Dr. Luis Carlos Ugalde Ramirez, and Public Account Oscar Ortiz Molina, who addressed issues of political interest and inherent to the interests and activities of the directors.

Once again, the members of the 6 Regional Boards met at the “2016 Banorte Strategy Forum: A Strong Mexico of Opportunities”, an institutional event that took place on August 23rd and 24th in Mexico City, with the objective of examining our country’s competitive and growth opportunities.

In this event the audience heard the inspiring life story of José Hernández Moreno, the Mexican astronaut; participated in three different workshops; visualized the future of exponential organizations through the outstanding presentation by Peter H. Diamandis, founder and CEO of XPRIZE Foundation. The audience also experienced the presentations of vision, expansion strategy and projection of three globally important Mexican companies, by Jose Antonio Fernandez, President of the Board of Directors of FEMSA; Daniel Servitje, President and CEO of BIMBO and Rogelio Zambrano, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CEMEX. They also attended the dialogue of five governors from different states, around positive experiences of economic development in various sectors and finally Oscar Arias, former President of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Prize winner who shared his perspective on the strengths and opportunities in Mexico and Latin America.

The strategy for 2017 contemplates the implementation of a new project, the installation of 33 Local Boards throughout the country. The aforementioned, with the objective of geographically complementing the purpose of the Regional Boards to provide advice and feedback to our group, and thus strengthen our 20/20 Institutional Strategy.