Maria Del Pilar Moreno Hernandez

Executive Director
SME Banking

“Today our clients have financing that covers all of their working capital and asset needs and requirements”

Maria Del Pilar Moreno Hernandez

Executive Director
SME Banking


In 2016 we had very relevant achievements in the SME segment because we reduced the PDL portfolio and managed to increase production. In origination we achieved a growth of 78%.

We were determined to reduce delivery times of resources to customers from 35 to 15 days and in the end exceeded our own expectations by delivering in 4 days. Now our new goal is to achieve it in 2 days’ time.

To improve performance, we placed executives in different branches from where they could more efficiently serve customers. Thus, executives can work collaboratively with the branch director, who becomes co-responsible.

Half of the SME Bank executives are already located in branches.

In the eighteen months the area of Risk developed different rating scales, which allow easier instrumentation, much faster for the client and with more certainty for the bank.

We collaborate intensively with the areas of Risk and Analysis. The work with Risk allows us to rate clients, while Analysis provides us with the necessary information to design well-targeted campaigns.

We went from having pre-approved loans only for individuals to including businesses.

We increased the amount and term of loans, making commercial efforts more efficient, in this manner budget goals can be achieved with more efficient effort. Today our clients have financing available to them that can cover all their working capital and asset needs and requirements.

Achievements in the SME segment have allowed us to surpass our 20/20 plan and we are now focusing on a more challenging project. We are already exceeded the market growth rate.

Growth was reinforced by the increase of sales channels. Communication with our clients is done, in addition to external account executives, by electronic banking campaigns, emails and other contact points.


We have been preparing the groundwork, which is why we feel that we can achieve a good year, despite a challenging economic environment.

Among our main objectives for 2017 is the launching of 25 to 30 products, that will allow us to grow with our current customer base and attract new users, as well as open more sales channels, to be closer to users.

We will boost our offering of value with innovative solutions tailored to the needs of our SMEs to continue to promote cross-sales and customer loyalty

To improve management of commercial teams, we developed an application that will enable executives to better prospect customers and organize visits that are done to provide services.

We continue our collaboration with the development bank, participating in more than 100 in sectoral as well as industrial programs.