Javier Salgado Muñoz

Deputy Managing Director
Preferential Banking

In 2016 we focused on consolidating and improving our services.Our great differentiator is service.

Javier Salgado Muñoz

Deputy Managing Director
Preferential Banking

2016 Performance

Banorte’s Preferential Banking was born in October 2015. We now have 450,000 preferred clients, and Banorte wants to recognize the relationship and loyalty of these highly valued clients of the bank with an offer of value and a differentiated service model:

  • Preferential Relations Executive
  • Preferential Line (dedicated telephone hotline)
  • Preferential Centers
  • Preferential service in Banorte branches
  • Special conditions for products / services

In 2016 we focused on consolidating and improving our service. Our great differentiator is service.

To provide Preferential customers with the best service, we modified our executives’authority, and improved procedures and regulations. The executive is empowered to immediately resolve any problems or issues the preferred customer may have.

For example, in the case of unrecognized credit card charges, a credit is issued immediately and then the investigation into the charges is instigated. If the investigation confirms that the charge does indeed proceed, then we contact and advise the customer, but as a principle, our trust is in the customer. On our Preferential Line we solve 70% of problems in the first telephone call we receive which already is a service reference in the whole country.

Preferential customers also receive special attention in branches. We are implementing a new queuing model. As soon as customers identify themselves as Preferential, they can automatically move to the first available teller or desk. Waiting time is between 2.5 and a maximum of 4.5 minutes.

We know that for the main requirement for Preferential customers is quality service and we are committed to providing that.

During the year we introduced new products for this segment, the Infinite and Platinum credit cards, which complete the offer of Preferred Banking accounts. We also have special conditions for personal loans, mortgages and car loans. In all the products we offer, Preferential customers are differentiated, although we do not lose sight that what it is necessary is to distinguish ourselves in our service model.

We serve more than
450,000 Preferential clients.


In 2017 we plan to bring the queuing model for priority service to Preferred customers to more than 700 branches, which will provide preferential service to a large majority of Preferential customers. The plan also includes having Preferential Centers in very important locations such as Tijuana, Chihuahua, Culiacan, Mexicali, Morelia, Saltillo, Torreon, Durango, Veracruz, Tuxtla, Acapulco, the intention is to bring this model to customers at a national level.

We will continue to work with the bank’s transformation program, for example analytical tools and knowledge about the customer, so that based on this, we can offer totally personalized offers to our Preferential customers, knowing that each customer is unique.