infrastructure and I.T. Capital

Jose Francisco Martha Gonzalez

Deputy Managing Director

Our use of technology allows us to better understand customers and offer them better value, thereby maintaining a long-term relationship.

Jose Francisco Martha Gonzalez

Deputy Managing Director


This year more than one million clients have used our mobile application, just a sample of how we have advanced in the use of technologies to better serve our customers.

In Grupo Financiero Banorte we are going forward with a transformation of our technology, which now allows us to better understand our customers, suggesting the best financial solutions to their needs, based on their behavior and profile.

We worked on a pilot with Watson, the artificial intelligence system, so users can carry out operations by only giving instructions over the cellphone.

With new artificial intelligence technologies, we can offer customers more logical products and services for their lifestyle. Based on an analysis of our warehouse data, we can analyze our customers’ behaviors as well as their contract payment dates to show them the transaction that best suits their lifestyle. It may be that they would like to receive notification of a pending payment, but we can also offer them a service to let them make better use of the financial system.

To do this, we have the Next Best Action, Next Best Offer (NBA-NBO) system, that alerts customers to the more favorable action according to previous transactional behavior, because our analyses improve each time and with better security of our user data.

The NBA-NBO system has helped us with more efficient campaigns for products and is also being put to use in collection areas. In addition to helping increase value for the user, we can provide a more personalized and convenient service to each client. For example, we can send a notification in time about the payment due date of a credit card, accompanied by information on the amount to be paid.

Thanks to this system, we have the ability to increase interaction with our customers in various channels and points of contact. Reporting systems are already implemented in the sales and collection areas and this year will be extended to areas of the group that will require it.

To offer users a more pleasant and efficient experience, we are implementing technologies that facilitate identification through biometrics systems. Already being used in our mobile app and we are also introducing speech recognition technologies in the call center, and we are also adding fingerprint recognition technologies.

These biometric systems use data unique to each user, so using digital banking authentication provides more secure transactions. This will give users more confidence and at the same time give us more security.

We worked on a pilot with Watson, the artificial intelligence system so users can carry out operations by only giving instructions over their cellphone.

New technologies reinforce our progress in digital banking, most especially mobile banking. Digital banking continues to give our clients the confidence and freedom to conduct banking transactions anywhere, securely.

The use of technological platforms will enable us to further extend our offer. This year, we are starting with the selective credit project that will allow us to effectively analyze users’ behavior, to offer better credit products.

Good analysis of information will also help us to offer business checkbooks the same day, giving business customers more value.

To remain current in research on financial technology, Grupo Banorte signed an agreement with the group researching Blockchain, R3. Blockchain technology will allow financial institutions to have more security in exchanges carried out using digital platforms. For now, being a part of this group will allow us to be aware of developments and requirements that the financial industry has with this technology.


To reinforce information security, we launched the Task Force 20-20 program, consisting of 24 initiatives to be implemented within 24 months, based on three main actions:

  • Broaden the installed information security control base.
  • Ensure the security controls are in accordance with technology infrastructure standards that support applications and critical databases.
  • Introduce new technologies for access protection, monitoring and application security testing.

The 24 initiatives are divided into six safety application initiatives, six for data management and access control, and the rest in hygiene, protection of computation and distribution and operations and monitoring. We are working to improve indicators in six main risks facing our technology infrastructure: client information theft, bank information theft, fraud in electronic channels, fraud in systems used by employees, loss of critical information or loss of system availability.

Guillermo Güemez Sarre

Deputy Managing Director

Innovation is one of our financial group’s key principles, an aspect that we take care of in the technology and strategies of our transformation.

Guillermo Güemez Sarre

Deputy Managing Director


Each day we seek to become more effective in satisfying our customers’ needs according to market trends. Here are some major projects that were implemented during 2016 that have to do with strategies focused on improving customer service and providing more options for clients’ day-to-day needs:

NBA/NBO (Next Best Action/Next Best Offer) is a component that has enabled us to deploy campaigns with offers and information about products in the different contact channels with clients; for example online banking, our Call Center, customer branches and ATMs. With NBA/NBO we are able to expedite the deployment of campaigns through different channels, improve their acceptance rate, facilitate closing sales and allow us to obtain client information.

We are continuing with the Business Mobility strategy implemented last year: The pilot application (app) was launched with a focus on Preferential Banking customers, in which banking executives received customer information that allowed them to manage their portfolios efficiently, generating more precise and specific offerings. This has enabled the generation of business opportunities to meet sales objectives, optimizing monitoring of customer portfolios, displays of all relevant customer information, configurable data as well as the geographical locations of customers. In 2017, more than 600 Ipad devices will be distributed to the Preferential Banking sales force.

Our Banorte mobile application was also updated, and customers can now use the mobile banking 24 hours a day from anywhere. This application allows customers to download a selfie quickly, easily and securely, as well as transfer funds over the phone, check balances, movements, pay credit cards and services, block and unblock credit cards in case they have been misplaced or lost, withdraw cash at Banorte ATMs without the need of a card, receive notifications of charges or deposits made to their accounts, credit cards or investments, share with Whatsapp contacts notifications of payments or deposits, transfers between Banorte accounts with QR code, among others.

The pilot phase of our GESCO app was launched, this application integrates the functions that sales management directors and executives require, this tool can be configured for use in any of Banorte’s banks. Its main functionality includes a commercial agenda, profitability information, campaign management and offers, information about clients in our portfolios, among others; facilitating achievement of sales objectives, display campaigns quickly, optimize monitoring and management in real time, reduce contact time for campaign services, build a monitoring history of the offers carried out, obtain directive information automatically from organizational structure.

Thanks to the progress that has been made in recent years with the Sumando program, we are making the transition from the process of transformation to internalizing it into the financial group, in order for it to be a recurring process.