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  • Ciudad de México: (55) 5140-5600
  • Monterrey: (81) 8156-9600
  • Guadalajara: (33) 3669-9000
  • Resto del País: 01-800-BANORTE (226-6783)
Línea Directa:
  • Ciudad de México: (55) 5140-5640
  • Monterrey: (81) 8156-9640
  • Guadalajara: (33) 3669-9040
  • Resto del País: 01-800-DIRECTA (347-3282)



Serás direccionado a la página del Aliado Banorte (TERCERO) que seleccionaste en dónde podrás consultar más detalle de la información y contratar el servicio. La información que proporciones al salir de este portal es responsabilidad del aliado (TERCERO), la cual se rige por sus propias políticas de seguridad y aviso de privacidad.


Navegarás en un sitio ajeno a Banorte, el cual administra su propia información y política de privacidad y seguridad

About GFNorte

Banorte was founded in 1899 in the city of Monterrey, where it first started operations as a small regional player. In 1992, in the banking privatization process, Banorte was acquired by a group of entrepreneurs led by Roberto Gonzalez Barrera. Through a series of key acquisitions after the Mexican financial crisis of the mid 1990’s, Banorte was able to consolidate a nationwide presence in Mexico. It now operates as a financial group known as Grupo Financiero Banorte (GFNorte), offering universal banking products, a wide array of products and services through its broker dealer, annuities & insurance companies, retirements savings funds (Afore), mutual funds, leasing & factoring company and warehousing. As of September 2018 GFNorte manages US 147 billion in assets under management.

Grupo Financiero Banorte (GFNorte) offers a wide variety of products and services through its bank, brokerage house, pension and insurance companies, Afore, investment funds, as well as the leasing, factoring and storage companies. At the end of June 2018, measured by its assets, Banorte is already the second largest financial group in Mexico.

Banorte is the main provider of loans to governments and the second most important bank in mortgages and has consolidated its position as one of the most profitable banks in Mexico, being recognized for its solid fundamentals by showing good asset quality, as well as as a strengthening in its level of capitalization.

Banorte is the only commercial bank, among the six largest institutions, that is managed by a Mexican management team. Its decisions are made locally without the influence of foreign matrices, which has proven to be an advantage given the recent weakness of many global institutions.


Our Vision

To be a great ally in order to grow strong with Mexico.


Our Mission

We generate confidence and financial strength for our clients.


Our Values

Our conduct should always be based on integrity, trust, loyalty with absolute respect and acknowledgement of the intrinsic value of the human being. GFNorte rejects any bias related to gender, age, religion, race, social origin, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, marital status, or any other condition that may result in discrimination. Anyone who intends to defend and exercise their rights, when considering that such rights have been violated, should do so with respect for the Institution, its personnel and the work performed therein.


Our principles

Solidarity: It is a mutual responsibility owed by several people, which enables us to commit ourselves circumstantially to the cause of others.


Innovation: It is the effort made to get something by ourselves or with the help of others; it is a force of great power of transformation, which has led humanity to the highest levels of development and civilization.


Loyalty: It is the feeling of commitment for the sake of others, it generates a high sense of commitment, loyalty and respect, inspiring the people or groups which we interact whit.


Respect: It is to be aware of the own value and honor the value of other people, it is the knowledge of the inherent value and the human rights of individuals and of society.


Responsibility: It is the obligation to respond for our acts, even though these are not compulsory, it is the guarantee of the fulfillment of commitments, generates trust, reciprocity and tranquility among people.