Investing in efficient use
of resources and reducing
our carbon footprint


Investing in efficient use
of resources and reducing
our carbon footprint


Investing in efficient use of resources and reducing our carbon footprint

SRS 102-48

We strive to implement an environmental strategy geared towards the efficient and sustainable management of resources. Our impacts on the environment are derived mainly from the direct and indirect use of energy and the management of goods and waste.


Environmental policy

We have a public environmental policy aligned to the ISO 14000 international standard, which deals with the following aspects:

  • Environmental impacts and risks
  • Carbon footprint
  • Waste management
  • Environmental criteria in procurement processes
  • Collaboration with stakeholders
  • Internal eco-efficient practices
  • Commitment to external initiatives

By using an internal matrix to identify, evaluate and classify environmental impacts we support our policy and annually review those business processes with relevant current and potential risks in environmental matters.

SRS 302-1 SRS 302-3 SRS 302-4


Building and branch infrastructures increase our energy efficiency through physical adaptations as well as monitoring and reduction initiatives.

Our main subsidiary, Banorte, has 26% of its personnel concentrated in four corporate buildings with such energy efficiency considerations as double windows taking advantage of natural lighting; and two of these buildings have received LEED certification (Gold and Silver).

Similarly, our network of Banorte branches operates under the Comprehensive Energy Control System (SICE), operating with high-efficiency equipment and regulating operational hours for lighting and air conditioners. Since its implementation in 2007, SICE has saved us 120 million kWh and Ps 174 million; in addition, we have prevented the emission of 70,000 tons of CO2e.

In 2017, consumption of electricity per employee was reduced by 1.89% at the Group level.

Our ATMs are constantly being renewed, and this year 561 ATMs were replaced by more energy-efficient models. This figure is equivalent to 7% of the total number of ATMs at the end of the year.

In the long term savings sector, Afore XXI Banorte has led an initiative for high efficiency LED lamps in new and remodeled offices. In 2017, 26 offices were adapted with LED lighting.

More than 90% of our employees work in buildings with modifications for greater energy efficiency.

Gasoline consumption has been reduced within the entire operation by 6%, including Banorte Insurance and Annuities by 7%; and Banorte and Afore XXI Banorte by a 4% decrease. In our Banorte subsidiary, vehicles considered obsolete were identified and renewed every four years in accordance with the fleet supplier lease agreement.

Indicators 2015 2016 2017 Var. % 17/16
Energy use* (GJ) (GJ) (GJ)
Natural gas (heating) 240.33 174.29 102.08 -41
(Emergency generators)
220.57 536.40 1,060.11 98
LP gas (forklifts) 1,534.62 572.42 280.71 -51
LP gas (kitchens) 493.69 471.13 446.85 -5
(Utility vehicles)
58,441.55 61,250.18 58,015.79 -5
Energy generated by solar panels 136.62 136.62 136.62 0
Energy consumed (Scope 1) 60,930.75 63,004.41 59,905.55 -5
Electrical energy consumed 433,079.82 438,727.96 467,998.50 7
Total energy consumed 494,147.20 501,868.99 528,040.67 5
Energy/employee 18.18 18.24 17.65 -3
Energy/net profits (GJ/Ps million) 28.88 25.99 22.09 -15
Scope of employees 100% 100% 100%  
Factors used (CONUEE) 2014 2015 2016  
* Considers the seperation of INB.
Diesel consumption increased annually by 76%, mainly due to use of the emergency generator plants in the Banorte Tlalpan and KOI Tower buildings, adapted for the relocation of employees in 2017. Considering the termination of construction and expansion of corporate offices, in 2018 the consumption of diesel will be limited to usage by emergency generator plants only in cases of power failures.

SRS 302-4

We gradually renewed dining rooms in our main buildings to reduce natural and LP gas consumption.

We have nine dining rooms, used by approximately 35% of employees; eight of these use electrical energy and the last dining room will be modified in 2018 to stop using LP gas.

In conjunction with the National Commission for Efficient Energy Use (CONUEE), we participated in the first project of energy labeling of offices in Mexico. The energy efficiency of two of our buildings was recognized with the E4 Award and E4 Recognition, following the results of an evaluation algorithm that considers consumption and infrastructure.

As a counter measure for climate change risks, Banorte has mobile units fitted with a multiple service ATM and a customer service area to acquire products and services. These units present operational advantages and can reach communities affected by natural disasters. Also, hurricane shutters were installed in coastal branches of Banorte and as well as carrying out preventative maintenance to combat premature deterioration by moisture.

Branches in the SICE program

Year Total branches
Branches with SICE/totals (%)(2) Economic savings (Ps million) Energy savings (millions of kWh)
2015 1,112 98.4 22.60 17.43
2016 1,095 95.2 20.45 17.84
2017 1,148 90.5 22.03  
(1) Includes modules and preferential service centers.
(2) Since 2016 the new Banorte service centers include SICE equipment.


SRS 305-1 SRS 305-2 SRS 305-3 SRS 305-4 SRS 305-5

Electricity and fuels

We calculated our carbon footprint through a focus on financial control that uses methodologies such as the Corporate Standard of Accounting and Reporting (ECCR), the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) national guidelines on the use of the potential global warming products.

Our data is backed up by the verification of a third party accredited by the Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA). The data is reported together with our energy consumption to Mexico’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) through the annual seal of operation (COA), under the guidance of the General Law of Climate Change (LGCC) and regulations of the National Registry of Emissions (RENE).

We are committed to reducing our emissions. In line with our strategy deployed nationwide, we have the goal of reducing emission intensity by 30% per employee by 2020, using 2009 as our baseline. Additionally, since 2016 we have adhered to the Science Based Targets initiative to establish long and mid-term targets based on scientific international standards. This signed commitment gives us a period of 24 months to set objectives based on certified methodologies, and progress will be reported annually to the CDP and made publicly available.

GFNorte Emissions Scopes 1 and 2
(Tons of CO2e)
To calculate our Scope 2 emissions derived from electrical consumption, we updated the National Electrical System Emission (Mexico) factor according to the estimate by the Energy Regulatory Commission, based on methodologies issued under Article 12 of the regulation in the Law of Energy Transition. In 2017 a 27% increase was registered in this factor (tCO2e / MWh), which reflects in the calculation of absolute Scope 2 emissions generated by our institution. In contrast, on the Group level, electricity per employee was reduced by 1.89%; likewise, consumption of fuels and absolute Scope 1 emissions was reduced by 5%.

SRS 102-48 SRS 305-1 SRS 305-2 SRS 305-4

Emission intensity in tons of CO2e per employee and net profits
Emission intensity in tons of CO2e per employee, 2020 goal
Data considered for the calculation of emission intensity was 29,915 employees and Ps 23.908 billion in net profits.

Business entity 2015 2016 2017 S1+S2
Var. %
S1 S2 S1+S2 S1 S2 S1+S2 S1 S2 S1+S2
Afore XXI Banorte 214.76 1,668.20 1,882.96 209.98 1,647.16 1,857.14 202.80 2,223.30 2,426.10 30.64
Warehouse 116.02 105.81 221.83 59.88 102.43 162.31 30.65 136.31 166.96 2.86
Leasing and Factoring 119.05 n/a 119.05 113.41 n/a 113.41 112.96 n/a 112.96 -0.40
Banorte 1,556.60 51,874.14 53,430.74 1614.43 52,415.51 54,029.94 1,597.66 71,185.85 72,783.51 34.71
Banorte Securities n/a 27.53 27.53 n/a 26.02 26.02 n/a 25.88 25.88 -0.55
Insurance and Annuities 2,367.62 1,398.52 3,766.14 2536.22 1,602.99 4,139.20 2,371.02 2,053.81 4,424.83 6.90
Grupo Financiero Banorte 4,434.97 55,074.20 59,448.25 4,533.92 55,794.11 60,328.03 4,315.08 75,625.15 79,940.23 32.51
*Considers separation of INB.
To calculate our Scope 2 emissions from consumption of electricity, we updated the National Electric System (Mexico) factor according to the Energy Regulatory Commission estimate, based on methodologies issued under the terms of Article 12 of the Law of Energy Transition regulations. In 2017 a 27% increase was registered in said factor (tCO2e/MWh), which is reflected in the calculation of absolute Scope 2 emissions generated by our institution. In contrast, on the Group level, consumption of electricity was reduced by 1.89%; likewise, fuel consumption and absolute Scope 1 emissions were reduced by 5%.

SRS 102-48 SRS 305-3

Corporate travel

We quantified the kilometers traveled by plane for corporate travel with a scope of 99% of the Group’s employees.

In the year, employees traveled 18.7 million kilometers, 12% more than last year, which is equivalent to 1,799 tons of CO2e emitted into the atmosphere.

To offset this impact we promoted digital collaboration between employees using online meetings and video conferencing. We held 92,346 video conferences, which represents a 4% increase from 2016. Likewise, an estimated 122,000 kilometers was avoided through the use of videoconferences held in Leasing and Factoring and Banorte Securities, resulting in a savings of more than Ps 1.4 billion, considering the average cost per trip in 2017.

To quantify the impact of displacing employees, in 2015 we performed a case study considering the transfer of more than 2,000 employees in our Call Center, by which we estimated an annual emission of 80.32 tons of CO2e from using motorized transport. This study will be repeated every three years.

2015 2016 2017 Var. % 17/16 2015 2016 2017 Var. % 17/16
Afore XXI 736,761.00 1,597,949.00 1,449,518.49 -9 191.25 167.31 151.77 -9
Warehouse n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Leasing and Factoring 297,134.40 418,764.00 393,822.00 -6 50.12 43.85 41.23 -6
Banorte 10,382,539.60 11,131,466.81 13,946,203.46 25 973.91 1,033.20 1,300.73 26
Banorte Securities 57,644.00 76,639.31 78,035.58 2 9.17 8.02 8.17 2
Insurance and Annuities n/a 3,509,159.83 2,837,781.00 -19 n/a 367.41 297.12 -19
Grupo Financiero Banorte 11,474,079.00 16,733,978.95 18,705,360.53 12 1,224.45 1,619.80 1,799.02 11
The overall increase in the kilometers travelled is related to an increase in the percentage of trips with registered kilometers, from 89% in 2016 to 98% for 2017. Measurement of kilometers is considered to be from the departing airport to destination.

We are CDP leaders, in climate change in Latin America.

SRS 305-3 SRS 305-6


Emissions from recharging refrigerants in Banorte and Afore XXI Banorte installations were calculated at 92% with respect to the total number of employees in the Group. Currently, recharges of R-410A, R-134A and R-404A, which do not affect the ozone layer, signify 37% of the total number of refills. Also, as from 2015, Banorte stopped acquiring equipment that uses R22.

SRS 102-48


We implemented remote selling and self-service technologies in Banorte ATMs to reduce the need for customers to go to a branch office, thereby avoiding customer transportation emissions. Among the features installed: sale and cancellation of insurance, credit acquisition or renewal and data collection campaigns for customer data.

SRS 301-1

Waste management

Efficient use of paper

The efficient use of paper was promoted in our operations through the use of digital media and cross-selling. As a result, we achieved an 11% reduction in paper consumption in the banking sector.

Among the strategies developed: Origina, with electronic file features, eliminates the need to print clauses and make photocopies of proof of address and identifications, as well as optimizing the printing process for contracts in the Payroll area, an initiative that saved 44 tons of paper.

Banorte TonCO2e Banorte TonCO2e Banorte Afore XXI Total TonCO2e
R-22 1,501.75 2,643.08 851.50 1,498.64 1,251.53 102.10 1,353.63 2,382.39
R-410A 561.15 1,079.37 695.00 1,336.83 772.85 0.00 772.85 1,486.58
R-134A 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 16.60 0.00 16.60 21.58
R-404A 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 3.50 0.00 3.50 13.80
Totals 2,062.90 3,722.45 1,546.50 2,835.47 2,044.48 102.10 2,146.58 3,904.35
Global warming potentials used were published in the Diario Oficial de la Federacion on August 14th, 2015.
GFNorte Sectors   2015 2016 2017 Var. % 17/16
Banking Sector Total consumption 968.16 1036.09 918.58 -11.34
Per employee 0.05 0.05 0.04 -15.03
Long Term Savings Total consumption 225.30 184.56 171.23 -7.22
Per employee 0.03 0.03 0.02 -24.59
US Sector Total consumption 0.86* 0.79* 0.56 -28.57
Per employee 0.03 0.04 0.03 -28.57
Total GFNorte Total consumption 1,194.32 1,221.44 1,090.37 -10.73
Per employee 0.044 0.044 0.036 -17.89
Per net profits
(ton/Ps million)
0.070 0.063 0.046 -27.91
*Values for the US Sector for 2015 and 2016 consider the separation of INB.

One of our main areas of opportunity is to promote responsible printing. With this objective, the Papercut application was used to manage paper and toner in corporate buildings through a printing control directly from the multifunctional printer.In 2017, 1.81 tons of paper was saved, a 417% reduction in paper use compared to the previous year.

Insurance operations, the Mobile Adjuster tool enables adjusters to gather claims information in digital documents which are shared with those involved and downloaded to a central system for future reference, completely avoiding the use of paper. In 2017 this tool enabled us to save more than 10 tons of paper.

We maintain the pre-established Paperless option as a configuration for Banorte credit card customers with online banking and token service, eliminating the printing and door to door shipping of statements and, consequently, promoting energy and paper savings.

SRS 306-2

Solid municipal waste

In 2017 we renewed the sampling for the estimation of waste generated in administrative buildings and branches, including Preferential, Dual, Preferential Dual and Module service centers.

The estimation of waste generated this year, increased by 2% compared to 2016, in tons generated per employee. Likewise, we estimate a global Group generation of 2,437 tons.

Recycling initiatives

We continue to work on reducing the generation of solid municipal waste and proper disposal of waste that require special management.

36% of banking sector employees work in buildings with waste management programs.

Our Call Center recycling program ended its first year with 1.8 tons of PET collected for recycling, equivalent to 20% of the building’s monthly waste of this material. Also, as part of the Strong Mexicans campaign, by installing recycling machines in large events, 0.12 tons of PET was collected.

At the same time, in our Torre Mayor offices we recycled more than 15 tons of waste, using the economic recovery to supply local primary schools with computers. In Banorte Securities offices, recyclable waste was separated under environmental regulations in the United States.

Our banking sector recycling program has a coverage of more than 6,500 employees from 14 administrative buildings, i.e., 30% of its staff.

With regard to toner consumption, we recycled the equivalent of 13% of toners purchased in 2017, exceeding the target in 2016. This implies a recovery of 5 tons of components such as plastic, toner, cardboard, aluminum and other metals.

On the other hand, we promoted the adoption of a cellular token rather than a physical token, avoiding the generation of these devices and their subsequent disposal. In 2017, 24,431 physical tokens were migrated to mobile phone tokens and an additional 502,663 new mobile phone tokens were introduced, thus totaling 527,094 mobile token users (+ 55%). Along the same line, we received 43,492 physical tokens from customers for proper disposal and recovery of components for recycling.

Offices and dead files 2015 2016 2017 Var. % 17/16
Grupo Financiero Banorte 633.86 503.20 499.29 -0.78
* Considers separation of INB.

SRS 303-1


Estimated water consumption in 2017 was 616,431 m3, which represents a reduction of 1% from 2016, considering the scope of 99% of the Group. Water consumed in our facilities comes from and is channeled to local networks in the areas in which we operate. To promote the efficient use of water in our corporate buildings: the KOI tower, Call Center, Tlalpan and Santa Fe where 30% of Banorte personnel are concentrated, the installation of water economizers in basins was carried out, as well as dry urinals and water efficient toilets.

Environmental culture

Through our Noticias Banorte newsletter, our corporate network Yammer and other internal communications, we promoted behavioral change in our employees. In 2017, we undertook campaigns to raise awareness about the recycling of solid urban waste, toners and the efficient use of energy. We also promoted the Earth Hour, initiative in which we participated by turning off non-essential lights in 19 properties of Afore XXI, Banorte and Banorte Insurance and Annuities.

The responsible consumption of paper in daily activities was encouraged through the online course Paperless Banorte. During the year, 660 new employees were trained with accreditation in this topic. Of employees with more seniority, 969 passed the course.

Communication with our stakeholders is transparent and a priority. For this reason, we provide an electronic channel to receive initiatives and suggestions related to our environmental impacts. In 2017, we addressed 133 comments via the email:

SRS 102-12 SRS 304-1


PWe promote the sustainable use of urban spaces. Our main focus for action is the green roof located on the Roberto Gonzalez Barrera Call Center in Monterrey, Mexico. The roof hosts a landscaped garden of 1,784 m2 which has 72 Mexican plant species, 18 of them under the NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2010 Standard of environmental protection.

In addition to this, since 2015 we have supported the protection of the black bear through the contribution of one million pesos, over four years, to the civil association Profauna Mexico for its conservation in the Sierra de Zapaliname, Coahuila.

Consumption 2015 2016 2017 Var. % 17/16
Water m3 617,997 623,181 616,431 -1.08
Water m3/employee 22.74 22.65 20.61 -9.02
*Considers separation of INB.

Green Roof

In 2017 we were able to inform 1,145 people through our green roof environmental education program, particularly administrative personnel, newly hired executives and civil associations.

Since its inception, our green roof has received more than 6,000 visitors who were given over 10,000 hours of talks on biodiversity, food safety and climate change.

Visitors included more than 700 students from primary and secondary schools, who came to this space as part of an agreement between the Department of Public Education (SEP) and Banorte.

Visitors 2015 2016 2017 Var. % 17/16 Total visitors
2014- 2017
External CSOs, academic and others 829 1,429 837 -41 3,272
985 763 308 -60 2,747
Total 1,814 2,192 1,145 -48 6,019
Total number of visitors 92 95 17 -82 256

Since its inception, our
green roof has received over
6,000 visitors and has
provided talks for more than
10,000 hours
on biodiversity awareness, food
safety and climate change.

Since its inception, our green roof has received over 6,000 visitors and has provided talks for more than 10,000 hours on biodiversity awareness, food safety and climate change.

Environmental expenses and investments

In 2017, we invested Ps 13.8 million for the construction, renovation and maintenance of video conferencing rooms to reduce emissions generated by corporate travel.

In terms of prevention and environmental management, we have invested Ps 1.2 million on the purchase of plants and materials for the green roof, its maintenance and development of the educational program. This amount considers investment in the SMS platform for the management of environmental indicators and verification of the inventory of greenhouse gas emissions.

On the other hand, we budgeted Ps 16.53 million in the renewal of air conditioning equipment and installing hurricane shutters.