Investing in innovation to
offer customers the very best
products and services


Investing in innovation to
offer customers the very best
products and services


Investing in innovation to offer customers the very best products and services


We are the nation’s largest Mexican financial group. Thanks to our efforts to communicate our brand, it is regarded as one of the most valuable of Mexico and especially in the financial sector. Currently, the Banorte brand, according to Brand Finance, is valued at $1,441 million dollars, also being the fifth most important financial brand in Latin America.

In 2017, we launched a new institutional communication strategy Strong Mexicans, with the objective of developing a platform for communication and relationship with each of our clients to strengthen our brand and transmit it to new generations, increasing its value and relevance with important results in indicators for recognition and advertising recall, but especially in the image attributes that are characteristic of the brand.

We understand the opportunities and challenges that current forms of customer contact present. That is why our hash-tag on social networks, #MexicanosFuertes, has an important relevance, which was strengthened in the days after the earthquakes that hit Mexico. The meaning of strong Mexicans has transformed into a more roots-based interpretation of uniting forces and work to achieve common goals among Mexicans. We achieved a 94% identification and connection with clients, given the need for understanding and support due to the situation in the country, not only because Banorte is a Mexican bank, but because it is a Mexican bank free to make decisions, create products and services in accordance to the needs of Mexicans, satisfying our customers with relevant and differentiated benefits.

We reinvented ourselves for our customers, being a solid Mexican bank able to adapt to changes in the market, providing and communicating innovation and technology, but without losing our essence of customer orientation and support for Mexicans.

On the other hand, we have promoted the participation of Banorte in major international events held in our country, such as the Formula 1, the Longines Global Champions Tour, the OHL Classic at Mayakoba, the NFL, the PGA’s WGC in Mexico, the Banorte half marathon of Mexico City, always with the objective of demonstrating loyalty to our clients and developing a more efficient relationship.

Today we are able to generate real value for our customers, where not only the relevance of being a Mexican bank comes into play, but also our capacity to provide solutions for their needs.

Our brand is displayed in all communications, making it synonymous with the experiences we provide and above all, with our ability to attract and retain clients; therein lies our work in terms of marketing.


We continue with our 20/20 Vision strategy with clearly established business goals that must be built from the Group’s impeccable reputation of proper communication and an effective and reliable relationship with stakeholders.

In 2017 we concentrated on the strategic alignment and consistency of corporate communication, which involves understanding the Group’s public environment keeping in mind the institutional growth objectives embodied in the 20/20 Vision strategy, and manage communication needs for each business unit, according to the diagnosis of the gap between the current and the optimum positions.

Proper management of these needs implies ordering and prioritizing communication initiatives in accordance with its relevance to institutional objectives in ongoing editorial work, enabling all target audiences to receive consistent, accurate, opportune and relevant information on the institution’s activities.

That is why we launched a long-term analysis program on the impact of communications from indicators agreed upon with the internal areas that receive this service. The program seeks to streamline the flow of corporate communication to achieve greater efficiency and communication to become a real tool in solving business challenges.

As the first initiative, a weekly internal, newsletter was created which in the first three months, increased reading levels by 15%.

One of the most significant events was the communication of the concept for the “Strong Mexicans” initiative that aims to discover those Mexicans who, every day, give the best of themselves and project the best values of our country, generating confidence and recognition to the institution among stakeholders. The movement has two lines of action: a marketing campaign showing Mexicans who have already made their mark, and another of commitment and social responsibility which through the branch network, seeks to discover those Mexicans who are positively transforming their communities.

In the wake of the September 7th and 19th earthquakes in the center and southern parts of the country, Mexicans demonstrated the strength of our union, solidarity and commitment from which Banorte could not abstain.

From the outset, the Group launched the Banorte Adopts a Community program, to implement a comprehensive strategy focused on nine communities in seven entities to address reconstruction of housing and supply of school equipment, as well as support in health, culture, financial education and food aid.

In 2017 we focused on the strategic alignment and consistency of corporate communications; that implies understanding the public environment of the Group while keeping in mind the institutional growth objectives embodied in our 20/20 Vision strategy.

On the other hand, we communicated the change in focus of our Foundation to 21st century education, with a greater emphasis on social networks.

For the seventh consecutive year we received the Great Place to Work certification, as being one of the best places to work in Mexico. In this Edition, we achieved the participation of 18,067 employees, which represents an increase of almost 100%, based on 2015 statistics. With an 88% of employee satisfaction, we exceeded the 79% average for the financial sector.

In our first attempt, we obtained the Super Companies 2017 certification, coordinated by Expansion magazine and Top Companies, ranking seventh among Mexican companies with more than 3,000 employees and ranking second in the financial sector.


Communication for the future

In 2018, we will promote digital conversation through social networks. While progress has been sustained and the generation of content has made it possible to increase the size of our community, the challenge is to generate transparent and opportune conversations and interactions with audiences, generating greater value for customers, employees and shareholders.

We seek more effective communication with employees that reflects the Group’s identity and values, to be both constructive and to generate value for business.

The scale of Banorte, its geographical dispersion and diversity of audiences require the streamlining of communication space, generating tools that facilitate a more effective and useful communication for every communicator. This will require the creation of an internal policy and migration from a framework of complying with internal communication to guiding and empowering every contributor, considering them as ambassadors of our brand and informal spokesmen for the institution.

We redirected the focus of our Foundation to 21st Century education, with greater emphasis on social networks.